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Sandwich panel industrial door
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    The industrial door body adopts multiple lifting, with super strength, wind pressure resistance and good thermal insulation performance. It is durable, easy to operate, safe and reliable. It is suitable for medium and high-grade workshops, warehouses and buildings with space penetration at the top of the door.

    How much do you know about your facility's garage door?Is it properly adjusted,lubricated and reliable?

    How many opening and closing cycles has the door seen?Are the panels rusting,dented ,beat out?Is the spring about to below?We are help you determine the answers to these questions.



     ●Door panel The door body is composed of double layers of high quality galvanized steel plate, embossed middle filled with fire prevention, insulation materials, with high strength, strong and durable, good insulation and sound insulation effect, surface spray plastic, effectively prevent corrosion.
      Hardware and track Use 2.5 mm thickness galvanized steel ,powder coating on the surface,and through the high temperature dry,there are support plate on both sides of the rail line.
      Relible properties of security Jianda industrial door is specially installed prevent prying deviceto protect your prosperity.
      Spring break safety standard The end of the spring is installed safety device, which can prevent the spring axis and wire rope dropping down once the spring break.
      Prevent falling device Can ectively prevent the door body falling down suddenly once the wire rope break , ensure the safety of person and products
      Airbag Have the airbag protection devices.
      Three ways to adapt to space.
      Perfect control system Our industrial door panel, motor and control system are integrated as one unit is safe,reliable and convenient to operate, and it can be operated manually when power off.PLC high frequency controller , which meet the european requirement of the fire design code DIN14092
      Small door and transparent windows Door closer and the safety contact ensure the big door can only run when the small door is close.The crystal inspection window provide the good lighting preformance.
      Specially designed pulley bracket will be convenient for you to adjust the bearing and the pulley, to ensue the door run steadily and without noisy.
      High quality seal material ensure the door perfect sealing and heat preservation function.



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